Do you want the cake and eat it too… and have a six pack to go with it? Well this article might help you out with that.

Let me make a disclaimer now: this article will not tell you how you can get away with indulging day in and day out in your favourite desserts without any type of planning or effort. THAT is not possible. But, you can definitely feed that sweet...

Working to build some wings wide enough to glide with or guns you can wear out of your tank top for the beach? Picking the right exercise might be hindering your results. Let it be known, the chin up and pull up are NOT the same and the muscle groups that they work differ greatly based on the variation and exercise that you choose.

Like with any other exercise,...

Want to get your summer bod back? Still need to shred a couple pounds of fat? Tired of doing countless hours of cardio per week? I’ve got the answer for you!

The Average Gym Goer

We all know the very first instinct of a typical gym goer when it comes to weight loss- is to hop on that treadmill and not get off until you feel like you need to call a cab to take you...

As avid lifters, we often hear about the best ways to train and the best kind of nutritional supplements we need. This is after all extremely important. But what many of us tend to forget about is the relationship between the mind and the body and its importance in reaching aesthetic and athletic goals. How many times have you heard that the body is a machine?...

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