Answer Those Sugar Cravings While Dieting

Do you want the cake and eat it too… and have a six pack to go with it? Well this article might help you out with that.

Let me make a disclaimer now: this article will not tell you how you can get away with indulging day in and day out in your favourite desserts without any type of planning or effort. THAT is not possible. But, you can definitely feed that sweet tooth with sugary goodness even when on a diet. Find out how below!

Find Your Balance

Let me take a step back for a second. Let’s look at the process of losing fat, or getting cut, ripped or shredded first. In order for the body to lose fat it must be in a caloric deficit. That means the amount of calories you eat is less than the amount of calories you burn in a given day. Having a consistent caloric deficit will result in your body chipping away at its stored energy sources. Having too large of a deficit will leave your body in a catabolic state and cause it to tear down muscle fibers to create energy. Too little of a deficit will simply leave your body at the same state.

I can’t give you a straight answer on how many calories you burn on a given day. That would require me to calculate and monitor each and every one of you for a couple of weeks. So if you are serious about this process, go ahead and look up a calorie calculator on your favorite search engine. Put in your stats and us that result as your estimate. This is only an estimate so you will need to eat that many calories for a week, and see what happens to your body. Did it gain weight? Lose weight? Or maintain?

Don’t Drop it Like it’s Hot

What I can tell you is that a 3500 calorie deficit is needed per week to achieve weight loss of 1 lb. Most people pride themselves on losing 5 lbs per week. This might be the case if you are a larger person. But losing 1 lb per week is a good guideline for healthy weight loss. Aiming for that will insure you are losing fat, and not the lean muscle that helps you burn the calories you need to be burning.

So for healthy weight loss keep at a 250-500 calorie deficit per day (that equals to 1750-3500 calories per week) to achieve a ½ lb- 1 lb of weight loss per week.

Remember: Your body loves to stay at a consistent weight, so dropping 5 lbs per week is just going to shock your body to fight back and make it harder to lose weight in the long run. And then your body will make itself sensitive to foods resulting in a very hasty rebound of weight the minute you slip up.


Alright, alright. I was getting to it! So here’s the thing ladies and gents. Out of the calories that you are allowing yourself to eat based on your goals stated above, you will have a percentage allocated to carbohydrates, proteins and fats. I personally like a 40%, 40%, 20% split (personally). Suppose you follow that, the 40% of carbs is yours to spend however you see fit. That includes sugar.

As you get farther and farther into your diet, you will notice that you have less and less carbohydrates to play around with, so here is this week’s pro tip!

Save your sugary carbohydrates (gummy worms, or chocolate bars) for just before your workout and for right after your workout.

Having carbohydrates before your workout does wonders for your nervous and muscular system. Remember folks, glucose is and will forever be the body’s preferred source of energy. That’s not me talking, that is biochemistry. Glucose is the easiest way the body can get energy. Having some sugar before your workout will allow your body to perform in an optimal state.

The workout will leave your body in a state of depletion. At this point, your body is begging for carbohydrates to restore glycogen stores and protein to synthesize towards muscle growth. Again, sugar is the body’s preferred source to restore those glycogen stores. So fuel up with your carbs.

When you are close to getting shredded, this approach does a few things:

  • Controls your cravings for sugar

  • Helps you look forward to your workout every day!

  • Spikes your insulin levels when you need it (not before bedtime)

  • Allows for optimal performance in the gym

  • And optimal recovery after the gym!

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