Why should I stretch?

This week's topic will revolve around stretching. I will be posting about why, when and how you should stretch. These 3 blogs should help you be comfortable enough to plan stretching into your own training regimen.​

So why should you spend time out of your busy day to stretch? Well, here are three reasons:

1. Stretching increase blood flow

Many studies have shown that stretching increases blood flow to your muscles and organs.

Why is that important? Blood circulation is how your organs and muscles get the nutrients they need to perform their function in an optimal manner

2. Speed up recovery

After a resistance training workout, your muscle fibres have micro tears in them. The body signals to repair these tears with a stronger layer of tissue (if proper nutrients are available).

Increased blood flow along with an increased flow of nutrients allow your body to repair itself more efficiently and get you ready for the next session.

3. Decreases chance of injury

Stretching focuses on increasing the range of motion in your joints and making your muscles more elastic.

Doing so can help decrease the chance of injuring yourself from physical activity as your body has been trained to take a larger range of motion than normally needed for a movement.

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The next post will talk about when you should stretch and will talk about the different types of stretching involved.

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