3 Key Tips for Building and Toning Your Arms

Ladies want toned arms and gentlemen want guns hugging the sleeves! Which is why I would like to give you my 3 key tips for growing and toning your arms.

Let’s address the elephant in the room:

How can toning and building your arms follow the same tips? Because in both cases, size and muscle development is a factor.

If you want to “tone” anything, the muscle needs to be developed and built, then fat needs to be trimmed off with diet. But from a training standpoint, the execution is the same.

Without further adieu, here are my top 3 tips for building and toning your arms!

Superset biceps and triceps every time

A superset is when you pair two exercises together and perform them back to back with no intended rest. After performing each exercise back to back once, you rest for an established period and then repeat the process. In this case, I always pair a tricep exercise with a bicep exercise for about 4 working sets. This way your biceps are resting while you are working your triceps, and your triceps are resting while you’re working your biceps. But your body and heart has minimal rest. I encourage supersets for several reasons, which include: saving time, increasing intensity during workouts, increase blood circulation to the muscles. So essentially, you get a better workout (more calories burned and more damage done to your muscles) in a shorter time and you work your cardiovascular system by pump nutrients through your body,

Focus at least 50% of your tricep movements on heavier compound movements

You may or may not have heard this but the tricep makes up two thirds (⅔) of your arm! That means that the more developed your triceps are, the more definition and “tone” you have in your arms. Focus at least have of your workout on triceps. If you are following supersets (like I do) then you should put triceps as the first exercise in each pair. This way you are able to allocate energy to your triceps when you are more fresh.

Variety is key! Switch it up, have fun with it.

You need to realize that muscles are not two dimensional objects. They are 3D and have different sections performing slightly different functions. Don’t forget to hit as many angles as you can. And besides, doing a variety of exercises is simply more fun! For biceps, make sure to do movements with a supinated, pronated and neutral grip to engage the long head, short head, and even your forearms differently. For triceps, blend overhead movements with presses and pulling motions to activate the long, medial and outer head.

So there you have it! My top 3 tips for arms training. Make sure you incorporate these tips into your training. Share these with a friend that wants to build or tone their arms! They’ll thank you for it.

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