Finding Motivation to Train in Winter

The days get shorter, the night grows longer, the skies get darker, and the temperature slips slowly drifts to the point that goosebumps rise and noses turn red. You know you need to hit the gym. Your fitness journey just started, but you can’t help the feeling of wanting to curl up in a blanket with a warm mug of hot chocolate goodness and watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix.

Trust me, I get that too. And although I can’t make the degrees rise up and the sun stay in the sky longer, I can offer a few tips that might help you stay on track through these few tough months of the year.

Schedule it.

Schedule time into your day for a workout. Whether you make that schedule every morning, or every Sunday for the week; doesn’t matter. But once you have that time slot established, it’s locked in. You don’t cancel. It stays. It’s about as important as eating and sleep.

Make a routine.

We are creatures of habit and we enjoy routines. Set a series of events that you do before you go to train. Things that cheer you up and get you fired up. Watch a Youtube video, listen to a podcast, drink a sugary shake, or anything else that makes you feel better.

Don’t stay away from sugar.

Ladies and gentlemen, sugar is the body’s most efficient energy source. When the sun goes down, our bodies naturally shut off and get ready for bed. But if we listened to our bodies in this season we would have about 10 hours of daylight to do anything. And since the average person works at least 8 hours a day, we would not actually do anything. So don’t deprive your body of energy, just allocate it with care. Save those sugars for the morning, before work and for just before the gym. Those sugars will stimulate your body and fuel your training.

Get yourself a kick-butt playlist.

Whether you need music that makes you angry or happy, make a playlist that gets you amped to train. DO NOT PLAY SLOW DEPRESSING MUSIC. This is not the time. You are getting pumped to take your body through a kick-butt workout, and nobody kicks butt to Lana Del Rey...sorry.

It’s not about the destination, It’s about the journey!

Your workout doesn’t begin at the gym. It starts as soon as you get on your way to the gym. Whether you walk, bike, train, or drive to the gym, as soon as your journey starts that playlist you made comes on. That trip to the gym should get you so amped that buy the time you get to the gym you can’t wait to shove everything in your locker and get out on the gym floor to (one more time) KICK BUTT.

Accept reality.

Summer bodies are built in the winter. Do you know why? Because when spring rolls around, you shred down the fat to show your hard work in the gym. If you haven’t built anything, then when you cut down your fat you will have to starve yourself because your body doesn’t have enough lean body mass, and you will look anorexic because once again, you have no muscle mass. So how you want to look in the picture above, greatly depends on how you act now.

Put in the work. Build the curves you want, or the shoulders, pecs, and abs you think an optimal physique requires. Get ahead of everyone on the New Year’s Resolution train.

Remember, those people you look up to with the rockin' bods, they don’t just do some magic stuff in the last two months before summer to look good. It’s a planned, year round approach with careful timing of the seasons. And this season is the time to make change!

Get back in the gym and make it happen!

Nik V Vasilyev

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