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Who is Nik: V

Born on September 13, 1994, Nik V is a Talkshow Contributor/ Host, Actor and Content Creator.

Nik immigrated to Canada with his parents from Russia; his birthplace when he was 12. With his childhood anchored on studying martial arts outside of school, Nik developed a passion for challenging his body and mind at a young age. By 22 years of age, Nik V was asked to represent Canada for Muay Thai and Dragonboat, but declined because he couldn't afford the training and travel costs.

After graduating the University of Guelph with an honours degree in Commerce specializing in Marketing Management, Nik decided to test his abilities by building his own brand in the broadcast, radio, and film industries. Combining his abilities to present, strategize, and utilize his combative abilities Nik brings a unique combination of skills to the world of entertainment.

Today Nik V appears on talkshows as a contributor/ co-host, acts in Vancouver, and partners with brands to create content for broadcast exposure and social media.